Mitch McConnell cancels bulk of Senate's August recess

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Whether they do anything with it remains an open question.

The legislation, which Corker said he intends to file Wednesday afternoon, would require congressional approval of tariffs filed under the auspices of national security, such as those Trump levied last week on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

Flake is one of the few Republicans who repeatedly takes on Trump, and he has separately offered a bill that would reverse the steel and aluminum tariffs, with support from Democratic Sen.

"Doing anything around here is like pushing a major boulder up hill", Corker said.

The new August schedule is problematic for one vulnerable Republican: Sen. But Democrats are planning a political counter-punch.

And, of course, the president could veto anything sent his way. Their absence would limit the legislative work the Senate can achieve alone. That guarantees opportunity for debate and a vote, Corker has said. Lawmakers would then have 60 days to approve the proposed actions.

Last year, the Senate failed to come to an agreement by the funding deadline, so it spent months passing short-term spending bills and went through two government shutdowns before it finally passed a behemoth package known as an omnibus.

South Carolina's Lindsey Graham, said in a statement afterward that, "Now is not the time to undercut President Trump's ability to negotiate better trade deals".

The president remains popular in numerous ruby-red states, including in, where he campaigned for the Republican Senate nominee, Mike Braun, and bashed Democratic Sen. "But please tell me more about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem". "Insofar as fairness and reciprocity and, ultimately, free trade, I think this is contributing to our economic growth and our confidence".

"Sometimes", he said. "Not always, but sometimes". "There will be some who have hesitations over politics".

"He's obviously not pleased with this effort", Corker told reporters in Washington.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin thanked McConnell in a statement Tuesday for taking a "step in the right direction" by forcing the Senate to remain in session for most of August. Topping the agenda is passage of the annual defense bill, which includes pay raises for the troops.

"Instead of addressing the real problems in the global trade of these products, today's action targets America's allies when we should be working with them to address the unfair trading practices of countries like China", Ryan said last week.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan, another Freedom Caucus leader, said "Heck yes" when asked whether the wall was an important part of the closed-door negotiations. The majority leader is pointing to what he calls "historic obstruction" by the Democrats.

Republican leaders are bringing together the entire GOP conference Thursday morning to spend several hours hashing out a topic that has divided members in recent weeks: immigration.

Gardner posited that Democrats, many of whom have voiced support for Trump's harder line on trade talks, would balk at the idea of reining him in.

Schumer, of NY, said Democrats were instead building out their messaging and platform on issues like health care and infrastructure to rebuild a national coalition that can win, while their attacks on Trump in 2016 led to the party's sweeping losses. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), is pursuing legislation that would limit the ability of the US president to broadly use national defense to declare tariffs.