MacOS Mojave unveiled - Gets Dark Mode

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Here are the 5 new features unveiled at WWDC 2018 for iPhone users that impressed us most, from smart new ways to control and limit the amount of time you spend in certain apps, through crazily expressive new virtual avatars, and on to wonderful new uses of augmented reality technology. You can test these out with the iOS 12 beta starting today. Apple has added several simple actions users can perform without having to leave Finder, such as rotating and cropping photos.

Apple Watch: Apple's wearable device will likely be getting an update come September, with a larger, edge-to-edge screen.

He also said Apple would crack down on so-called "fingerprinting", in which data companies identify specific devices by creating a unique fingerprint based on a device's particular configuration settings, installed fonts and plug-ins.

Whether this is a feature or not is debatable, but iOS 12's support for older devices is a great aspect of the operating system. iOS 12 will run on the iPhone 5S and higher, the iPad Mini 2 and higher, the iPad Air and higher, and the iPod Touch 6th Gen. It launched the iAd platform in 2010, where app developers could insert Apple's technology into their apps and users would be shown programmatically placed ads in the app.

Interested in Apple? Add Apple as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Apple news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Even crazier, Apple has stated that up to 32 different people can take part in a group video chat at the same time.

"MacOS Mojave is a major update that introduces powerful new features for a wide range of Mac users, from consumers to pros", said Federighi. Putting off the new features was done so that Apple could first improve the quality of iOS before trying to squeeze more features into the software. What's your favorite new feature?

Apple is also including more robust "Stop Looking At Your Phone" features, such as an upgrade to "Do Not Disturb" mode that shuts off all notifications at bedtime.

Apple said Safari will now ask users by default if they want a site to send them cookies, and macOS will make it more hard for data companies to create an online fingerprint of a user's machine.

Photo: SuppliedWhat about Mac and Apple TV?

Children will not be allowed to extend the time on their own phones, according to Engadget. You'll even get suggestions on memories to look at photos from years ago.