Kevin Durant discusses narrative he ruined the National Basketball Association

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Cavaliers star LeBron James revealed after the game he had been playing with a broken right hand for the past three games. Once again, Game 4 was held in LeBron James' house at a packed Quicken Loans Arena.

But that letdown, which came weeks before Durant joined an already-powerful Warriors team, proved a minor bump on the road to greatness.

"Just after the game, just talking to the guys, it was a tough season", Lue said.

It would have been even more fun to win more than one, but one is enough.

Golden State outscored Cleveland 25-13 in the third quarter, James managing only four points - all on free throws - in the period, and the Warriors rolled through the final minutes to another coronation. He secured his first playoff triple-double of 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in Friday night's Game 4. "We still have to keep that enthusiasm, trust and belief that we can get this thing done".

Though Durant rightfully earned MVP, Stephan Curry led Friday night's game against the Cavs scoring 37 points.

"Steph went out and recruited K.D. with this in mind: Winning titles", Kerr said.

"But I thought we did a good job of staying the course and getting to this point". It was all about let's win championships together, and that's what this is about. Overall, it was an uncharacteristic performance from the Warriors who resorted to isolation basketball in the second half, but it paid off as Durant was simply clutch when it mattered.

"A 3-0 lead and we just kind of laid an egg".

"It's been a insane ride", Curry said.

"Looking at this playoff journey, we knew it wasn't going to be as easy as previous year when it comes to our record".

That's what it's all about, and that's what the top players understand. I pride myself on working hard wherever I go.

"We all want something that's bigger than ourselves". However, no losing player has won the award since Jerry West in 1969 and voters weren't changing that for a team that just got swept. "It makes the environment great". After a six-game series in 2015 and a seven-gamer in 2016, the Warriors have now won back-to-back titles: first in five, then in four games.

James finished with 23 points. In an era where ratings are pretty much down for everyone including the muscular National Football League, the NBA was either up or steady right up until last night's finale - which may be something to build on for next year if the shift in America's sports interest continues.