Here are some of the new features of macOS 10.14 Mojave

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It extends across the Menu bar, built-in apps, and the Mac App Store.

What is the new Mac App Store?

Apple's CEO Tim Cook will take the stage on Monday at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. He clarified to Wired that it would be reasonable to think that Apple will be ready to discuss it more at WWDC 2019. But there were a ton of OS updates, starting with Apple Watch's watchOS 5.

In terms of entertainment, Apple has partnered up with several leaders in the industry such as Adobe and Autodesk to create a new file format called the USDZ to standardize sharing of Augmented Reality content across different platforms. The sidebar also supports full file metadata, something particularly useful for photos. It will automatically detect when you start a workout and track your activity for you.

MacOS Mojave also sees the Mac App Store getting a redesign, with the overall look and functionality becoming closer to the iOS store, which was redesigned a year ago.

You can keep your desktop clean with the new stacking feature which will automatically stack the content depending on the type.

Other visual changes include dynamic desktop wallpapers, which change throughout the day (for example, you get a darker, evening background photo in the evening). "Users can also explore new Create, Work, Play and Develop tabs to find the ideal app for a specific project or objective - from music, video and photography apps to business utilities and games". Screen video capture is built right into the new Screenshot panel as well.

Apple is also adding some new apps to its Mac operating system with users able to access News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home straight from their PC. "Having just marked BBEdit's 25th anniversary as a leading Mac product, we continue to look ahead, and we believe that a robust Mac App Store is part of a bright future for this great platform".

The update will also help users de-clutter their Mac computer home screens, which can become crowded with icons and files. Using Safari browser, not only Apple is making it extremely hard for websites and cookies to track web users, but is also hiding the signature of a Mac from websites so that they can track users even when users have turned off the third-party tracking. Just look at any object through your camera to see its measurements.

At the event, Apple also announced that it is bringing Group FaceTime with support for simultaneous video calls with up to 32 people. Also noteworthy, Apple says that it's working on a way for iOS apps to be ported to the Mac. One of Apple's biggest advantages is its ecosystem of 2 million iOS apps, and the next version of Siri will tap into those apps in new ways that could rival Alexa's capabilities.