Gurkhas of Nepal to protect Trump and Kim at summit

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A senior USA official commented on a report by South Korea's Yonhap news agency that all three of the North's top military officials were believed to have been replaced. It immediately caught the attention of social media users, who accused Rossiya-1 of altering the North Korean leader's face by adding a smile to it.

No date for Assad's visit was mentioned by the North Korea's KCNA state news agency. And Trump is not the first U.S. leader to concentrate on a nuclear issue at the expense of other matters.

The move could also be about putting younger, more loyal officials around him while the country begins to focus on economic development, Michael Madden, a North Korea expert from 38 North, told Reuters.

Trump said on Friday the summit he had canceled the previous week was back on after he received the North Korean delegation bearing a letter from Kim.

But the North has given no clear hints about how far it could go toward meeting USA demands to dismantle its nuclear program.

With the US being a guarantor of South Korean security, and the main driver of sanctions on North Korea, the Trump-Kim meeting could bring the attainment of these goals one step closer.

Kim Yong-chol met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and hand-delivered a letter directly from Kim Jong-un to Trump.

Trump last month noted "a little change in attitude from Kim Jong-un" following his second summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Dalian at the beginning of May, saying he was a "little disappointed".

But our Park Ji-won tells us that *one site has recently emerged as the most possible summit venue.

The president wants Pyongyang to "denuclearize" in return for relief from economic sanctions.

Tokyo says Pyongyang kidnapped at least 17 Japanese in the 1970s and 1980s to teach Japanese language and culture to North Korean agents.

There is also a chance Kim may have a bilateral summit with Putin.

And though this falls in a category all of its own, former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung's administration secretly paid $500 million to just to get Kim Jong Un's father to agree to the first-ever North-South Korea summit in 2000.

It's unclear how much power Democrats, and lawmakers at large, will have to constrain Trump from entering into an agreement they disagree with.

"No is a person who has come to the fore in the Kim Jong Un era, as a up-and-coming and trusted aide".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made an unexpected visit to Pyongyang and the two countries are now making plans for Mr Kim to visit Moscow later this year.