Grandmother gets pardon after Kardashian meets Trump

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After Trump announced he was granting Alice clemency, Kim tweeted, "The phone call I just had with Alice will forever be one of my best memories".

Johnson said she heard her name called over the intercom for her to report to her case manager when she heard Kardashian West's voice. She went on to say that her heart "is so full of gratitude for the handsome inside and out Kim Khardashian West who chose to advocate for and essentially save the life of my mother, someone she had never heard of or met!"

Kim Kardashian met with Trump last week to put in motion what she had been working toward for the a year ago: to get Johnson back home to her family.

I started screaming, and crying and jumping. "I'm still replaying that moment in my mind". "Alice Marie Johnson was convicted of a nonviolent drug offense in 1996 and received a sentence far too severe for the crime: life without the possibility of parole", said Jennifer Turner of the ACLU in a statement. Her siblings, kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren waited for her just across the street.

"He said, 'Why are you here?' I said, 'Really I'm here because I want to know why you kicked Khloe off The Apprentice.' It was a laugh and it was amusing and then we got into business", Kim said.

"I want a cell phone". "It was the most exhilarating feeling I've ever had, Michael". Kardashian said she didn't believe this was the case. "Everything was going so bad for her, and she got desperate". The morning Mic published her video, she prayed it would reach a massive audience. I've even been so honest to say, 'Look, Trump is the last person I thought that would've done this.' But he did.

Prior to the 2016 elections, I wrote that the next president, whoever that would be, should make criminal justice and prison reform, one of their top five domestic agenda items, because of its importance to our country. Johnson, a first-time non-violent drug offender. a week after Kim Kardashian pleaded her case with Trump.

Her husband has already given Trump all the credibility he could need.

But immediately after her release, Johnson was savoring her freedom and all the perks that came with it. "What Kim Kardashian has done is used her connection with Trump to free a family member and score some PR points". You were relentless and it has paid off beautifully for me and my family on this day.

On how it feels to see her family again.