Fallout 76 - All the Fallout 76 Trailers in One Spot

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At the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, which is one of the areas featured in the video game, they've already gotten a half dozen T-shirt orders after Todd Howard wore a Mothman T-shirt during an interview about the video game.

Crafted from in-game 3D models, these detailed miniatures bring Fallout 76's Vault Dwellers, Power Armored Soldiers, Creatures, and more to life. When you discover a nuclear weapon site you can use it to wipe out your enemies or even your friends if you're feeling like a dick.

You can even go to the nuked area after the dust has settled to gather valuable resources, but of course, with that reward comes the great risk of radiation and even more monsters.

Death in the game does not mean the loss of progression or the loss of one's character. It wasn't explicitly explained, but it's likely you'll reload in a different world at your last save point if you die.

Taking players right to the very beginning, Fallout 76 is set just 25 years after a nuclear war that ravaged the United States. The world is divided into six regions, each featuing a unique theme.

"Fallout 4" made more than $750 million dollars in the first 24 hours it was released in November 2015, and past year the company announced that the game was its all-time best seller.

Base building from Fallout 4 returns, but is more flexible. This will be handled through C.A.M.P.s (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) that serve as the basis for your base. Players can work with or against each other as they try to survive, but a solo mode will still be available. One of the missions teased involves collecting codes for a nuclear missile, which can then be fired at anything on the map.

Fallout 76 will launch on November 14 and will also receive a beta testing phase.

With "all-new lighting, rendering" technology that's vastly improved compared to past Fallout titles, Bethesda's Todd Howard confirmed.