Everything Nintendo announced during its E3 2018 Direct

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1716: If you like sizzle reels, Nintendo has long one for you running down all the biggest and best games coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Ultimate is heading to the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

Nintendo is one of the front runners of the esports push at this year's E3, as the company will be hosting the Nintendo Splatoon 2 World Championship at E3 2018 and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fortnite, and more.

If you're a Mario Party fan, keep in mind that the physical copy of Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch is available to pre-order on Amazon now with a 20% Prime discount until the October 5th release date.

Get ready, y'all. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fortite for Switch, Mew for Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee, and others, we've posted those below as well. In Ultimate, every single character from every game in the franchise will be present.

Numerous returning fighters have received new Final Smashes (the Smash Bros. version of an "Ultimate" ability) and mechanic changes.

It's no surprise, considering Fortnite Battle Royale is the hottest game around right now. After exploding in popularity on PC, the game has branched out to Xbox and PS4. There's no Switch-specific content, though.

The show began with a segment of new game Daemon X Machina, an explosive mech battle game, from Marvelous Entertainment. What more could you want?

The game can use multiple screens and Joy-Con to guide the players around the board and through a series of delightful mini-games in classic, Mario Party board-game style. You can use GameCube controllers and Melee techniques like directional air dodge and flawless shielding should up the technical game. As he revealed - but we already knew beforehand - a new type of peripheral will be available for the game, Pokeball Pro which will let you catch pokemon realistically and carry them wherever you go. Newcomers may be more limited this time but Inklings and Ridley will get folks pretty pumped.