Durant sparks Warriors to brink of another National Basketball Association title

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If Golden State finishes off LeBron with a sweep Friday, they'll have accomplished a second thing that Michael Jordan's Chicago dynasty in the 90s couldn't - swept a team in the Finals.

He had just two points in the first half of Game 3 and was 0-for-5 on 3-point attempts when the Warriors went to the locker room at halftime trailing 58-52. There have been games where KD has had to take over. I think Klay embodies that. Though Love played him well two years ago, that was just one sequence in which Curry was unsuccessful.

The by-product of assembling a roster of superstar talent and playing at historically high levels over the course of four years is that challenges are increasingly more hard to come by. "It's nothing really magical about what I do or how I've been playing". For Golden State, those slights grow harder to manufacture with each victory. "He always finds a way to make big plays even on his toughest nights". LeBron James scored 51 points and Cleveland almost pulled off a miraculous win. But the Warriors' motto is "strength in numbers", and Livingston and McGee are personifying that.

Brown, along with San Francisco 49ers defensive end Arik Armstead actually took in Game 2 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena, and while the result of the game wasn't the one No. 81 was looking for, he was impressed by the energy of the stadium. "Nonetheless, we know that he was struggling from the field, however we're not going away from him, we're going to continue to give him the ball and he's going to shoot however many shots he wants".

Golden State will get their first chance to close out the series on Friday in Cleveland.

There are nights when the Warriors win by the grace of their fluid offensive scheme, and others when they rely on the singular exploits of Kevin Durant.

That helped Golden State overcome a combined 2-for-9 start for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

It was all going according to plan for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland feeds off the thunder of their crowd, where they had won eight straight in the playoffs after dropping Game 1 of their first-round series with the Indiana Pacers, and the speakers in this three-tier arena downtown boomed. Kyle Korver is grabbing 2.4 rebounds and George Hill is dishing 2.3 assists.

Rodney Hood's insertion into Cleveland's rotation won't catch the Warriors off guard. But he returned in the third quarter and went on to make some crucial plays in the Warriors' 110-102 win. Golden State's effortless product challenges that convention. The mystery is gone, and Golden State - which hasn't lost four consecutive games in the same season since 2013, back when Mark Jackson was coaching the Warriors instead of calling their games on ABC and ESPN - needs only to avoid an apocalyptic collapse to win their third title in four years.

The Cavaliers' faint glimmer of hope relies that their might not be a higher peak for the Warriors to reach.