Doom Eternal revealed | PC

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After the trailer was shown, two dev team members came out to give a few more details about what fans can expect from Doom Eternal. If you remember, it ended with something of a betrayal, though we won't ruin that for you if you haven't enjoyed the game yet. I am willing to forgive this when it comes to a new Doom game, simply because knowing one exists makes my heart sing with a unusual and violent joy.

Originally released in 1993, the Doom franchise is considered one of the most influential games in video game history, changing the genre of first-person shooters for the better. It's appropriate, since the original Doom took place on the Martian moon of Phobos before heading to humanity's home in Doom 2: Hell on Earth.

Doom Eternal only has a short teaser available at this stage but id has promised a more full reveal at Quake Con later this year. There will be twice as many demons and more ripping and tearing action from the Doomslayer. There we are also hoping to learn about the release date as well, which is now unknown.

Bethesda and id Software have just revealed a game called DOOM Eternal at E3 2018. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a bit longer for that as the first gameplay footage for Doom Eternal won't be shared until QuakeCon 2018 on August 10. Players will fight across different dimensions as they slay both classic and new demons with powerful new weapons and abilities.