Apple's software improvements could make AR as universal as iOS

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Siri has gotten a major upgrade. Federighi also claimed that the keyboard will appear up to 50% faster, and the camera app will open up to 70% faster when you slide from the bottom right of the lock screen.

And augmented reality (AR) has been given a shot in the arm, with shared AR experiences and in-app AR now possible. In addition, the new OS comes with a brand-new file format for 3D graphics called USDZ. Shares for the company have risen nearly 13% this year, which is much better than the overall market. Adobe will also add native USDZ support for Creative Cloud suite. To hear Federighi explain it, Photos search has been vastly improved. From there, you'll get blocked when you've met the limit (although it can be easily bypassable). Apple will also be releasing a new Shortcuts API for developers to take advantage of if they wish.

You can actually measure multiple dimensions of an object or space using Measure. This new functionality extends to events you may have attended as well - Photos will be capable of indexing events by time and place, allowing you to find photos you took at them faster. Siri Suggestions then uses those shortcuts to suggest to you something you might have forgotten like ordering your morning coffee, in case you didn't do that on Monday morning.

A newly-designed Apple Books app, for ebooks and audiobooks.

The feature isn't as useful on iPhone as the iPad. With the macOS Mojave version of Safari, though, Apple is making it harder for advertisers to see who you are and what you like. It will now have support for audio books. The presence of a Like or share button allows Facebook to know what a user browses when they're not on Facebook and this data can be filtered back into advertising profiles.

Apple has promised iOS 12 will not only be available to older models, but in fact speed them up.

One of the key features is called Screen Time, which will show you daily and weekly activity reports to help you monitor your device use and tackle tech addiction.

An App Limits feature will let you limit how much you use an app in a single day, and iOS 12 will send you alerts when you're near that limit.

The iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature will be enhanced, including new options that will automatically end Do Not Disturb based on a specified time or location. Also included is a Downtime feature that'll block notifications from apps and let parents block apps from being used during a set period of time.

Apple has officially confirmed a new update to the iPhone and iPad operating system: iOS 12. Watch also got smarter about workouts, and can sense when they start and stop.