Apple introduces distraction reducing controls for iOS devices

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iOS 12 also focuses on augmented reality.

Given Apple's iOS and device footprint in the enterprise, the move to add multiple folks into a FaceTime should raise a few eyebrows for everyone from Microsoft's Skype to Zoom to Blue Jeans and Cisco's WebEx.

Maybe it's no longer a voice assistant, but just a name for shortcuts on the iPhone and iPad.

The new feature will be part of the next Apple mobile operating system, iOS 12, which is expected out later this year. Recent reports suggest that numerous significant changes have been pushed to iOS 13, but there should still be plenty to make iPhone owners happy, including expanded NFC support and ARKit upgrades. This feature is bound to enhance the regular group chat that you've been using. I do wonder how many iOS users will actually take advantage of the feature though.

Group FaceTime feeds of each person float in their own window in the main Group FaceTime feed.

Memojis are custom avatars users can create of themselves.

Apple isn't the only company creating a digital baby sitter of sorts. That's because Apple's Memojis are HIGHLy customizable. Users can select skin color, freckles, hairstyle, head shape, eye wear and more. It's for those of you who don't know how to use a tape measure.

Responding to growing concerns that people-particularly teenagers-may be spending too much time staring at their smartphones, Apple is offering a new tool to help users of its iPhones manage the time they spend on their devices. LEGO, the maker of interlocking toy blocks, showed off an app in which two players using iPads could put out a virtual fire blazing on a physical house made of LEGOs.

"If you think about booking taxis, ordering food or using social media, voice ultimately has the potential to overthrow today's app stores". Parents will be able to set app allowances for their children. This is one borrowed from Android-and rightly so.

Apple says the Shortcuts app is meant to make your day-to-day routines easier and help you out, so if you lose your keys, you can say: "Hey Siri, I lost my keys". With Siri intelligence, people can suggest an action at the right time, such as ordering a coffee in the morning or starting an afternoon workout. Cook is also responsible for introducing Apple Pay and he's significantly increased Apple revenue with services such as music and cloud storage. Saying the phrase can be set to open Apple Maps to find the best route home and launching a radio app. The man-in-charge emphasized much on the performance and optimization of course in reference with iOS 12. Dark mode will be optimal for viewing your computer in a dark room or at night, but it can also be useful for editing photos or other creative projects. Following a quick restart, you'll be able to access the iOS 12 beta via the usual means of updating the software over the air. This new feature is hidden within the Face ID settings, under "Appearances". Also, to help reduce interruptions, iOS 12 gives users more options for controlling how notifications are delivered.