Yanny or Laurel: What do you hear in this audio recording?

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"I hear a Laurel", one person said.

The poor quality and different audio settings, headphones or speakers could cause someone hear either laurel or yanny. The original "Yanny" or "Laurel" clip is, of all places, from a vocabulary.com recording.

In perhaps the most vexing element of the debate, the majority of listeners hear beyond doubt one of the two words, with few waffling between the two.

According to Buzzfeed, the clip originated on Reddit.

Cloe Feldman
Cloe Feldman Verified account @CloeCouture

The "Yanny" versus "Laurel" debate is taking over social media, and probably affecting productivity for plenty of businesses. "Your brain is trained to listen to the signal and say, 'What phoneme sequence did I hear?'" The cartoon characters, crafted to look like their users, are shouting the words heard in the clip. People in the room disagreed about what they were hearing. It went mega-viral after popular YouTuber Cloe Feldman tweeted it on Monday - sparking the greatest debate of the past three years, right after The Dress debacle of 2015. This is consistent with the idea that what we hear is related to the range of frequencies we're (unconsciously) paying attention to. But when he got to the office Tuesday morning, he heard "Yanny" on his computer. "I can't figure out how one would hear yanny".

Actually, experts say there is no wrong here.

The brain and ear together makes a quite a toolset, selectively listening and/or blocking what we hear. "Laurel." "I'm hearing Yanny now". And they say it's possible everyone has slightly different pitches or frequency levels they can hear which would explain why some people hear different words playing on the same device.