What do you hear? Viral audio clip stirs online debate

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The audio clip in question is sparking major feuds on the Internet between those who hear a higher-pitched "yanny" and those who hear a lower-toned "laurel" phrase.

The clip has been dividing opinion all over Twitter and some people even hear both Yanny and Laurel.

A majority of people claim to hear one or the other, while some insist they can hear both.

People online can't seem to agree on what they hear.

People have gone into meltdown over this freakish audio clip.

In the insufferable tradition of the 'blue or gold dress" debate, we now have the horrific rise of "Yanny" versus "Laurel'. "And the higher frequencies say "Yanny". The middle consonant is definitely not an n, Sanker said, but you might hear one because the vowel in front of it sounds particularly nasal.

Enter: the "Yanny" or "Laurel" audio clip. The "Yanny" people are sure they're hearing "Yanny", while the "Laurel" team are convinced they hear "Laurel".

The Internet has brought back another mind-boggling mystery to divide us all - this time, in audio form.

A very helpful Twitter user adjusted the pitch of the recording to show this. Let us know in comments below what you hear.

"If I cut your ears off and put someone else's on your head, sounds would sound different", Nusbaum told Gizmodo, explaining that differently shaped ears focus sounds differently.