Wenger: Tottenham may have to sell Kane, even to Arsenal

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Departing Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke about his desire to come to India in the near future, in an interview with the club's official Facebook page on Saturday. Words don't describe enough how big this achievement is, which he has done for his football club and football in this country.

"But maybe with a distance I will think "No, maybe it's a time to change a little bit of direction".

But there can be little doubt that the enduring popularity of the Premier League around the globe is down, in no small part, to his work in the late Nineties and early 2000s.

Wednesday night's defeat was their seventh in a row in the league and they are the only side in the top four divisions without an away point in 2018.

"It's not really happened [Arsenal becoming financially dominant] because other clubs have used outside resources", Wenger said.

Arsenal travel to Huddersfield Town to end their Premier League season on Sunday. "It's these contradictions I don't understand and would like to know better", Wenger added.

Praising his players, Wagner said: "The dressing room has shown such togetherness all season, they always believed that in football the impossible is possible and we have done it".

"I must say that it is one of the things in my life that I miss".

"The impact of the transfers has increased a lot", Wenger said.

The Italian has just won his fourth consecutive Serie A title with Juventus and there are doubts over whether the 50-year-old would give up guaranteed trophies to slum it in the Europa League with Arsenal.

Spurs will move into their new ground on the White Hart Lane site at the start of the 2018/19 season, where Arsenal will also have a new manager. Even with my experience, when it was 1-0 in the second half [of the first leg] I never thought it would finish 1-1.

"I was in the centre circle with Arsene and I looked across to the dugouts and said how unusually far apart they were". While Arsenal are not now at Juve's level, it's clear why he might be interested in the job to get them there. A £10m player when we built the stadium was huge.