Wear OS gains an 'enhnaced' battery saver mode w/ Android P DP2

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Unsurprisingly, it skinned Android P to resemble its existing Sensus interface, which features four constantly updating rows: from top to bottom, we have Google Maps, media, your phone, and calendar entries.

When you install a new app on your smartphone, it asks for a number of permissions, such as an access to photos, camera, notifications, microphone, and more. The main highlight of this iteration is that it is developed for Pixel as well as selected non-Pixel device which was not seen on the previous versions.

Google wants to help you break the bad digital habits it helped you create.

If you don't have an ecosystem, make sure you integrate with someone who's building an ecosystem.

Google has only made the Android P beta software available for certain devices. It is also supported by non-Pixel devices including OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Vivo X21 UD, Essential PH-1 and Sony Xperia XZ2.

If your device isn't included in that list, you're out of luck for now. Owners of Google's own Pixel phones will get the updates most quickly.

Similar to Android Oreo, to get to your app drawer, you long swipe from the bottom of the screen, or just swipe upwards from the recent apps view to get to your apps.

You'll be pleased to know that installing the Android P beta is actually very straightforward - especially if you've ever tried manually installing Android on a phone before (it's not normally this easy). ML Kit is a new set of APIs available through Firebase, giving developers on-device APIs for text recognition, face detection, image labeling and other phone functions based on Google's machine learning. The OS makes it convenient for the user to use the smartphone with just one hand. "We are still deciding how we are going to introduce this technology to the world", she stated.

Google put the spotlight on its artificial intelligence (AI) smarts at its annual developer's conference, announcing new consumer features aimed at simplifying your life. Moreover, the home button will feature in a way and the back button appears whenever required. For outlets with subscriptions, Google will allow you to subscribe directly through your Google account, without needing new passwords or credit card information.

A new Google News app will be getting several new features, including Newscasts, which gives users a preview of a story, and lets them decide where to go from there.

The Google Photos app aims to get smarter about suggesting who you might want to share photos with.

Facebook is changing the News Feed to boost well-being by showing more updates from friends and family. Today, those voices are now live in the Google Assistant preferences.

The presentation was promptly succeeded by a heated discussion about whether people answering the phone had to be briefed they're speaking with an artificial intelligence software and how technology can be misused in the guise of more credible "thefts" by marketers or even during political propaganda.