UK lawmakers prepared to summon Facebook boss Zuckerberg over data scandal

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A lot's happened with Facebook this year.

The UK parliament has issued an impressive ultimatum to Facebook in a last ditch attempt to get Mark Zuckerberg to take its questions: Come and give evidence voluntarily or next time you fly to the UK you'll get a formal summons to appear.

So, now all attention is on what Facebook is doing.

In the wake of the scandal, Facebook has been frantically shutting down APIs to keep better tabs on the vast quantities of data it collects on its users.

There were reports earlier this year that Facebook was working on two models of speakers - Aloha and Fiona - due for a 2018 launch.

Facebook has admitted that up to 87 million users may have had their data hijacked by Cambridge Analytica, which worked for US President Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign. But, we can expect more security measures from the company at the Facebook F8. But heading in that direction touches a nerve, and revives animosity with critical areas, and boils down to the same question - can we trust Facebook with our data. Even the investors in the social networking company did not deter from continuing their support because they are quite aware that FB is in trouble but still know that it is highly valuable. This year, however, it's very different. The company had stopped reviewing and approving new apps using Facebook's developer tools while it figured out where to restrict its data sharing.

"I think the reaction is a combination of the Facebook news along with concerns that Match was getting toppy", or expensive, Kurnos told Reuters.

"These changes can be disruptive".

"We want Facebook to be somewhere where you can start meaningful relationships, so we're excited to start rolling this out soon", Zuckerberg said. First is virtual reality, where the company wants the developers to develop more applications for its Oculus platform.

Here are the major announcements from the event.

Facebook-owned Oculus announced they were making a wireless, high-end virtual reality headset previous year, and it has now gone on sale for the first time. It was at F8 in April 2010 that Zuckerberg triumphantly announced Graph API v1.0. However, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company reportedly shelved the plans.

The feature will be optional for users, and people will need to opt-in to have their dating profiles be public.

The developers conference is an important annual developers event for Facebook.