Stormy Daniels: Donald Trump admits repaying lawyer $250000 who paid porn star

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The Buzzfeed report also delved into Cohen and Sater trying to take advantage of Putin and Trump publicly praising each other as potential moments to facilitate the tower project.

Trump said that he repaid a $130,000 payment that Cohen made to Clifford just days before the presidential election in 2016 and suggested that the payment by Cohen to the actress could not be considered a campaign contribution.

"In the interest of transparency, while not required to be disclosed as "reportable liabilities" on part 8, in 2016 expenses were incurred by one of Donald J. Trump's attorneys, Michael Cohen", according to page 45 of the disclosure report.

On Wednesday, he told CNN that the financial disclosure form Trump's required to send to the Office of Government Ethics was the reason he went public with the news.

The revelation came after multiple outlets reported last week that Cohen had used his relationship with Trump to get millions of dollars from companies looking for similar access. Karen McDougal, another former Playmate who received a hush money payment from AMI, the pro-Trump media conglomerate that publishes the National Enquirer, alleged that Davidson was secretly communicating with Cohen while he was representing her.

The president's lawyer, meanwhile, finds himself under investigation by federal prosecutors who seized reams of evidence in raids on his home and office last month but have not revealed what crimes he may have committed.

Cohen is now the subject of a criminal investigation via the US Attorney's office in the Southern District of NY.

Further, Giuliani has claimed that the payment was not funneled through a shell company, the newly registered DE shell company, Essential Consultants, even though it very clearly was, as evidenced by copies of the wire transfer. "We've gotten assurances that we're not involved in it", Giuliani told "The Ingraham Angle" on Fox News.

The solicitation would be the latest such exchange offered by Cohen to be made public following acknowledgements by USA and European companies last week that they paid Cohen, who was Trump's lawyer for about a decade and self-described "fixer" for Trump.

Trump filed the financial form on Tuesday, deadline for administration employees to submit their financial documents.

The form also shows the President's golf courses missed par past year earning $67 million less than before he took office.

At an investor event at Novartis headquarters in Basel on Wednesday, Narasimhan apologised again over what he said was the drugmaker's latest ethical blunder and pledged the company would do better.

The report shows that oil company founder Forrest Lucas provided Pence with two tickets worth $774 to the Indianapolis Colts game in October that Pence walked out of in protest of some NFL players who knelt during the national anthem.