Spotify and Instagram get closer together with Facebook's updates

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Video chats are just one of the many new features coming to the app. The feature is available from the Direct inbox. In order to start a video chat, you'll have to tap the new camera icon at the top of a Direct thread. Until now, you were not allowed to make Video Chat within the Inbox on Instagram.

Finally, Instagram says it's testing video chats within the app.

Historically, Instagram hasn't let users share much from the outside world.

During Facebook's F8 developer conference Tuesday, the company revealed a new feature that allows individuals to share Spotify content via their Instagram Stories.

At today's F8 develper conference in San Francsico, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram is now testing a built-in video chat feature that will roll out globally in the next few weeks.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg says that Stories - a feature invented by Facebook's smaller competitor, Snap - will be an increasingly important part of the company's future.

Those who have the GoPro app can click the respective share button and upload their video content directly to their Instagram stories, or send in a private message.

The next feature is Sharing to Stories where you can share content from your favourite apps to both Facebook and Instagram Stories. A recent API update is allowing other apps to share directly to Instagram Stories, similar to the tool that allowed other apps to post to the Instagram timeline.

Instagram will also get the same AR camera effects like Messenger where developers can create AR based camera experiences for the Instagram audience.

Next comes the AR camera features. If you see something in their Stories that you want to try out, tap "Try it on" and then it will be added to your tray. To kick things off, effects from the NBA, Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, Liza Koshy, Vogue, and Buzzfeed will all be introduced over time. Lastly, the Explore section has been properly organized according to topics. This feature is on a testing environment and the giant will roll it out soon for the public.

Apart from this, there is a new Video Chat update also available.

"Starting today, Instagram will filter bullying comments meant to harass or upset people in the Instagram community".

The bullying comments filter hides posts that attack the character, well-being, or appearance of a person.