Republicans pledge teacher raises ahead of Wednesday's rally in Raleigh

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His criteria were: low-ranking salaries, salaries and per-pupil funding that's fallen in real terms since the Great Recession, and teacher pay determined at the state rather than district level, which makes state capitals the obvious target for an action. Such decisions allow teachers to attend the rally without asking for personal leave or having to pay the cost of a substitute.

A wave of teacher revolts sweeping the nation is set to hit North Carolina on Wednesday as thousands of educators are expected to swarm the state's capital in a quest for higher pay and more money for education. She also points to the defeat of a ballot question on charter school expansion in MA in 2016 as a major recent teacher union victory. North Carolina spends $8,940 on each student - the national average is $11,984.

Teachers are demanding the state catch up in teacher pay and per-pupil expenditure within the next four years. But the union points out that that still represents a 9.4 percent slide in real income since 2009 due to inflation.

There is enormous support for a united struggle that will link up teachers with all sections of the working class. We call this life. "I'm hopeful that our presence will send the message to our legislators that we're fed up with the status quo". "In a booming state economy, we need to keep boosting teacher pay to attract and keep talented teachers", Johnson stated.

"Before then, less than 5 percent of teachers belonged to a union", she explains.

"Some teachers just feel that the time has come". An earlier news report estimated that almost 100,000 students - or 64% of public school students in the state - would be out of school for the day, but as more districts opted to close, those figures have grown.

Past year the State Assembly approved $2.5 million in cuts, including layoffs and the elimination of vacant positions in low-income and low-performing school districts.

"I support their cause". "We have to do something to let them know that we're watching and we're exhausted". But not during school hours. But Stefanik said the district is not considering closing school for the day.

He goes on to say he and his wife, who is also a teacher, are struggling and "cannot pay for anything".

Irvin said he thinks his children are receiving a lackluster education. "This is not the North Carolina way".

"North Carolina should treat educators like the professionals they are", Cooper told reporters last week. "And the folks that are fighting really deeply believe that public education is a cornerstone of our democracy, and we're in danger of losing it".

"Over the past 15 years I have spent not only as an educator but also as the parent of school-age children, we have seen our state's investment in our children dwindle", Baker said. The money squandered so far this year on stock buybacks, which only benefit the richest shareholders and executives, is enough to give a $49,000 bonus to all 3.2 million full-time teachers in the U.S. or increase per pupil spending by more than $3,000 for each of the country's 50.7 million public school students.

Their demands are also political.

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Dr. Shelton Jefferies, superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, said many people are trying to cast this as a partisan issue. "The people who are writing Letters of Recommendation", he said. Our legislature has prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy over preparing the next generation to take the reins and lead our state into success. If legislative leaders haven't valued public education more than this by now, a one-day publicity stunt (even an admirable one) isn't going to change their minds. And planned raises for educators this year will make five in a row since state finances rebounded from the shock of a recession a few years ago, legislators said.