Nipah virus claims one more life, Death toll rises to 11

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The report said that this was the fourth death in the family with Moosa's two sons and sister-in-law dying from the disease.

The Kerala government on Wednesday asked residents to avoid travelling to four districts in the north of the state amid a Nipah virus epidemic that has claimed 11 lives so far. "Also, the crew is trying to minimalize the panic".

An emergency meeting of health officials was chaired by District Collector Mir Mohammed Ali to review preparedness of hospitals in case the infection is reported in the district.

Umap said orders have been issued across the state to keep a sharp watch for any symptoms of the virus in the animals. Although "They are not confirmed Nipah Cases yet, so there is no need to panic", he added via telephone. The administration is hoping that the situation will be under control by the time schools reopen in a week.

Rajeshwari Devi, a health official in the Karnataka city of Mangalore, told AFP the patients' condition was improving but doctors were awaiting the results of blood tests.

Nipah was first identified in 1998 after pig farmers were infected in the village of Kampung Sungai Nipah, in Malaysia.

In India the disease was first reported in eastern West Bengal state in 2001. The natural hosts of the virus are fruit bats. The primary treatment is supportive care.

Nipah is on the World Health Organization research and development priority list alongside Ebola, Zika, MERS, Lassa and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Nipah Virus Spreads in India - but what are its causes, symptoms and treatment?

Shailaja, the health minister in Kerala, said those who have been in contact with the victims have been put into quarantine. The teams will disseminate awareness material about the virus at primary health centres, community health centres, and taluks and district hospitals.

While 18 people with specific symptoms are admitted at hospitals in Kozhikode, 22 patients with suspected Nipah cases, all from Malappuram district, are admitted at Kozhikode Medical College for observation.

Stay away from heat and keep your liquid intake in check.

Today the death toll of the virus - which has no vaccine - rose to 11, with nearly 100 people being treated as potential cases.

Based on data so far, Christopher Broder, one of the main researchers behind the project, said the Nipah vaccine in development was also "highly likely" to work against the related Hendra virus.