Nintendo Announced A New Adjustable Charging Stand For Switch, Launches July 13

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However, charging up the Switch while it's being played in tabletop mode isn't easy.

Nintendo now operates the Virtual Console library for its Wii, Wii U, and 3DS systems.

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Fortunately, Nintendo has announced a brand new official charging accessory that will solve some of the Switch's tabletop woes.

Additionally, as we all know by now, Nintendo is usually not interested in doing the obvious thing. It wasn't Nintendo's best decision because it means if your Switch breaks, all your save data is lost.

Of course, Nintendo isn't Nintendo without being able to access some of their classes.

Though this is something that the fans wanted, it is not all that they demanded.

Since its original release, multiplayer for the Nintendo Switch has been free, with updates to follow.

With E3 2018 weeks away, rumors have begun to circulate about supposed plans, reveals and everything in between. Unlike last year, where Super Mario Odyssey took center stage, this year it will be Smash. It's out in July, and will retail for $20, which is fair for what it is I guess.

This time, however, Nintendo is returning back to an Invitational-only format and has only invited eight of the world's best Smash Bros. players.

MkLeo - A professional Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player from Mexico, maining Cloud and Marth. But that leaves us wondering how they'll handle classic games on the Switch. Alternatively, a family membership - wherein one Nintendo Account can invite up to seven other people to join in - will cost $34.99. The service will launch in September. It's a nice little piece of kit, and it should make gaming on the go just that little bit nicer.

That's not all you can customize your Switch with, though.