New Trump rule targets Planned Parenthood

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Apparently, his proposal would prohibit actual referrals for abortion services while permitting neutral counseling about abortion, as opposed to requiring it, which is the current rule.

Families and individuals can now hope for protection from the predatory practices of abortion-providing grant recipients demonstrably more interested in protecting their ability to make millions of dollars through abortions than they are in protecting the rights and safety of their clients. Earlier this month Planned Parenthood sent a letter to those patients telling them Title X is only part of their funding, and the clinics in Lincoln and Omaha are still open. Because who's in charge of enforcing the nation's laws really matters. Other proposals within the rule would let people whose employer-sponsored insurance plans don't cover contraception due to their employer's religious beliefs receive coverage under Title X. They home in on issues of sex trafficking, child abuse, molestation, incest, rape and domestic violence by mandating annual training for grantee clinics and setting up "site-specific protocol" to protect victims.

Other undercover investigations by pro-life organizations in the last several years have shown Planned Parenthood employees demonstrating a willingness to aid self-professed sex traffickers whose prostitutes supposedly were in their early teens, seeking to hide alleged child sex abuse and agreeing to receive donations designated for abortions of African American babies.

From here, Planned Parenthood plans to fight this proposal though it's not yet clear what that fight will look like.

But in the landmark case of Rust v. Sullivan, the Supreme Court disagreed.

"For decades, American taxpayers have been wrongly forced to subsidize the abortion industry", Trump said. Pro-life presidents can implement pro-life policies like this one with public funds. After almost 50 years, the Trump administration will finally protect taxpayers from promoting abortion through Title X.

Even if they don't perform the procedure - even if they only refer a patient who wants an abortion to another clinic - all of the federal money dedicated to family planning services would be yanked.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday issued a rallying call to opponents of abortion, encouraging them to head to the polls to elect conservative lawmakers.

Planned Parenthood and its allies decried the news.

"For many women, this would effectively ban safe legal abortion altogether because they can't afford the cost of time off work, childcare and travel over multiple days", Krasnoff said. In fact, they outnumber Planned Parenthood centers 20 to 1.

"This rule will lead to more unplanned pregnancies and worse health outcomes for women and families, especially for people of color", said Deb Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth, a sex education nonprofit, in a statement.

Planned Parenthood can still receive Title IX grants if it keeps the family-planning money separate from funds used to pay for abortions. It took the lead in the abortion business in this country when a NY affiliate began performing the procedures in 1970.

Or just knock on some wealthy Democrat doors. That amount far exceeds its take from taxpayer pockets, at least under Title X.

The proposed measure would make it impossible for millions of patients to get the medical care Laugens mentioned from Planned Parenthood. The loss of these clinics, or any restriction on what health services they may provide, will no doubt contribute to a rapid decline in general health for those of us experiencing poverty and already insufficient healthcare.