Netanyahu says Iran crossed 'red line' with rocket fire

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"The meetings between us are always important and this one is especially so", Netanyahu said ahead of his departure.

In retaliation, Israel has targeted Iranian weapons depots, logistic sites and intelligence centres in Syria.

President Donald Trump's announcement Tuesday that the US would withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran has triggered uncertainty and threatened to spark more unrest in the Middle East.

With Trump's backing, Israel may even feel emboldened to take further pre-emptive action against Iranian targets in Syria. The worldwide community's silence encourages Israel's aggression.

Israel's defense minister is urging President Bashar Assad to rid Syria of Iranian forces, warning their presence endangers his country. Iran is against Israel's existence, and Israel sees any military entrenchment in Syria as a direct threat from Iran.

The sortie came after Iran fired 20 missiles toward Israel just after midnight on Thursday morning, the IDF said, forcing residents of the north into bomb shelters. It also said it destroyed several Syrian air-defense systems after coming under heavy fire and that none of its warplanes were hit.

It said the rockets followed a "first Israeli bombardment on the town of Baath" in Quneitra province.

Its army said three people had been killed.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the last group evacuated the suburbs Thursday night, bringing the total of those fighters and civilians who left the area since May 3 to a total of 8,400. It was not immediately clear if any Iranians were among the dead. Syria and Israel have never made peace. He said Israel had responded, but did not provide details.

I've been arguing all day against Israel's policy of continually bombing Syria, Lebanon and Iran, pointing out that they're not bombing us, we're bombing them, which means we're not acting in self defense, we're the aggressors. "They are determined to do it and we are determined to prevent it".

"They need to decide if they want to increase the friction and for example ask Hezbollah to do something or they understand that at that stage they can not take actions against us and they need to wait and if this is the case that will be the end of that round". Iran blamed it for an April 9 air strike that killed seven of its military personnel in Syria, and vowed revenge. A rocket attack overnight on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights may have been a first salvo, underscoring Tehran's reach.

- In 1974, Israel and Syria agreed to a cease-fire and a disengagement and United Nations peacekeepers deployed to the area.

The two leaders on Wednesday watched a Red Square parade marking the anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Russian Federation sent forces to Syria to back President Bashar Assad in 2015.

The air base was also targeted by Israel in February.

Israel is concerned that Iran and Hezbollah are embedding forces along its border. Four were shot-down by Israel's "iron dome" interception system. The incoming attack set off air raid sirens in the Golan.

Its foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said "all issues should be solved through dialogue" and that Russian Federation had warned Israel to avoid "all actions that could be seen as provocative".

"We do not know yet the (Iranian) casualty count", he said. Syrian television reported large explosions in the area.