Marvel's plans to introduce the first Muslim superhero in a future film

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"Humans" star Gemma Chan has been added to the cast of "Captain Marvel" after she tweeted a photo of her production chair for the movie. In an interview with BBC, Kevin Feige confirmed that a Ms. Marvel movie is "definitely sort-of in the works".

As it turns out, there are plans to bring in Muslim superhero Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel to the MCU. The movie set a new record when it hit the $1 billion mark in just 11 days, but that was from domestic and worldwide combined; now the global gross alone is over $1 billion. That does not include "X-Men" movies from Fox and Sony's "Spider-Man" saga.

Ms. Marvel is now one of the more popular characters in Marvel Comics.

Ms Marvel, who has been billed as the first female Muslim superhero, is the creation of writer and editor Sana Amanat.

Making her debut in 2014, Kamala Khan, a teenage American Muslim from New Jersey, realised she was a superhero when she discovered she had shapeshifting abilities.

Later on she ended up getting her very own comic, where she showed off her power of elasticity in full force. She actually carries the Inhuman gene and undergoes Terrigenesis (although who knows if she'll still be an Inhuman in the MCU at this point).

Carol Danvers, the titular hero of next year's upcoming Captain Marvel, originally carried the title of Ms. Marvel in the comics before taking on the role of "Captain". However, the Inhumans on the big screen has not exactly worked out well for the MCU so far.

Khan has made a big impact in Marvel Comics in recent years, as the company introduced younger, diverse versions of its classic characters. Not only are you missing out on one of the best movies of 2018, but chances are that you've been spoiled by now.

Another new film, "Breaking In", a thriller starring Gabrielle Union, was third at $17.6 million. Fans won't find out the answer to this question until Captain Marvel hits the screens.