Man threatens to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish in NYC

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"Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English", Schlossberg says to the manager at Fresh Kitchen, a midtown Manhattan restaurant.

The video, posted on Facebook Tuesday by Edward Suazo, shows Schlossberg yelling at an employee when he heard the workers at Madison Avenue's Fresh Kitchen speaking Spanish.

The attorney's identity was revealed thanks to some clever crowdsourcing by black rights activist Shaun King, who also unearthed a video from 2016 in which Schlossberg can be seen approaching a stranger on a NY sidewalk and calling him an ugly "foreigner". According to state records, Schlossberg was admitted to the NY state bar in 2003 and has an office in Manhattan. She called police about the apparent public disturbance, but an officer was not dispatched because the man fled the scene.

"If it's once, maybe you can pawn it off as someone having a bad day, but this is not", Morris said. "There is no way this is the same guy, there is no way this guy did this again", he said in a video posted online.

Meantime, a sign has been posted outside Schlossberg's law office in Midtown.

Serrano said the man should be "ashamed of himself". I have never seen anything like this in the restaurant before'. He goes on to say that he suspects the employees are in the country illegally, and his next call will be to ICE. You don't run into me. "I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher or someone to jump out and yell, like, 'Punk'd.'.Who acts like that toward people who you think aren't from here. You're not. You're an ugly, f--ing foreigner". At lunch, he chose to attack two women for speaking Spanish to each other, threatening to call ICE, and by dinnertime, his name was trending nationwide on Twitter and his law practice's Yelp page hilariously trolled. "Thankfully, I had started vlogging a few months before, so I had turned my camera on and caught it all. After he left, we just went back to work".

The "sandwich shamer" comment is a reference to part of the confrontation in the viral video. They won't let me move. There's video of him screaming "You are not a Jew" at Jewish people supporting Palestine at a demonstration in May 2017, for example.

New York City has a human rights law that protects against discrimination and harassment based on immigration status or national origin.

A man identified as Aaron Schlossberg is seen berating Spanish-speaking employees and customers in a racist tirade. He also flips his middle finger at the counterprotesters. He is fluent in Spanish, conversational in French and has basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew. "I've been to Israel twice". Schlossberg said that was "false", as he taped his confrontation with the media. "The 8.6 million people who call this city home speak more than 200 languages - they're all New Yorkers and they're all welcome here".