Israel warns Assad to kick Iranian forces out of Syria

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May 8, 2018 - the day US President Donald Trump announced that he's pulling America out of the nuclear deal with Iran - will mark the inauguration of a new American- Israeli-Arab alliance in the Middle East and a major realignment of US strategic interests.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani said its anti-terror efforts have "benefited the region and the world, including Europe".

He also struck a conciliatory tone in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who condemned the missile attack. "Other powers. haven't kept their word", Macron said, without naming a country directly. "I hope we have finished this chapter", Liberman said at a policy conference north of Tel Aviv in Herzliya. Is that what we're seeing now between Iran and Israel?

We will remind, on the night of 10 may, the IDF attacked dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian forces of al-Quds in Syria, in response to the shelling of their positions in the Golan heights.

"The Zionist regime's frequent attacks on Syria under fabricated and baseless excuses is a breach of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and in defiance of all worldwide laws and regulations", Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bahram Qasem said. Over recent months, the Israelis say, a variety of Iranian installations have been established in Syria: weapons stores, barracks, air defences and so on.

Israel regards Iran as its biggest threat and has repeatedly targeted Iranian forces and allied militia in Syria.

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif described his government's reaction to President Trump's decision on Tuesday to re-impose US sanctions on foreign companies that do business with Iran, in a statement posted to Twitter on Friday. Zarif accused the United States and its allies of fomenting unrest in the Middle East, "turning our region into a powder keg through their sale of hundreds of billions of dollars of useless advanced weaponry".

Downing Street called for calm on both sides and urged Tehran to refrain from further assaults.

Israel carried out an extensive attack on Syria overnight between Wednesday and Thursday.

No doubt the revived sanctions will be devastating for the Iranian economy, but Iran has survived a more onerous economic siege in the past while, this time round, ordinary Iranians will be more likely to blame the intransigence of the USA rather than that of their own leaders.

In a statement issued as Israel's security cabinet met, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the strike sent a "clear message" that "whoever attacks us - we will attack them sevenfold and whoever prepares to attack us - we will act against them first". "That is what we have done and that is what we will continue doing", Netanyahu said.

Israeli Merkava Mark IV tanks are deployed along the border with Syria, in Golan Heights, Israel.

Heavy exchanges of fire during the early hours of Thursday starting over the Golan Heights - the first time since 1974 that there have been clashes over the Israeli-occupied Syrian territory.