Ireland Is Through To The Eurovision Final

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"That was the sense I got a year ago as well; I know that a lot of people say that there's a bit of animosity against Australia [as an outsider in the pan-European competition] but I never got that sense".

A week ago Barzilai landed a front-page feature story on Diario de Noticias, one of the most popular daily newspapers in Portugal. Curran said the EBU was "not actively looking right now" to invite other non-European countries to compete, but wanted to "build awareness" in other markets. That previous Eurovision experience is serving her and the United Kingdom very well indeed.

Of course, you could just wait all day and rewatch the broadcast at 7:30pm instead.

If you're a cock-eyed optimist, however, you can take heart from a less scientific sign that SuRie might win over audiences on the night in Lisbon.

However, Johnny Logan is not the only victor to return to the contest and make a great result again.

Barzilay's success means Israel is reaching the finals for the fourth year in a row.

"We have been the underdogs since we came here and no one thinks Ireland has what it had".

Will Rybak do a Logan?

"I have the advantage of knowing what the Eurovision set-up is like". Although his song is among the favourites this year, you never know, how it turns out.

Speaking to this week, Mauboy brushed off the discussion and said she instead hoped it might be considered normal for Australia to be involved in the show. But undoubtedly there is also high expectations.

And he was also a hit with voters and juries across Europe. With Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey commentating on both semi-finals and the Grand Final, watching on the free-to-air channel will be a blast. Salvador Sobral got a record high of 758 points.

Of these, only 10 were voted to go to the final. "I have a strong Finnish and worldwide team with me, together we're able to make great things happen".

The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest's grand final will take place on Saturday.

It's still an open question wheter Alexander Rybak will do a Logan or a Perrelli in 2018.