In Indiana Trump urges GOP to mobilize for 2018 midterms

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Two days after IN wrapped up a divisive Republican Senate primary, the president praised a lengthy ticket of House and Senate candidates by name and predicted Democrats would dismantle his agenda if they regained control of Congress.

"Everybody in this room, because you're from in, you understand life".

"Indiana delivered for us in 2016", Pence said. All received raucous applause, as many supporters waived "Keep America Great" signs.

"At 2:00 in the morning I had the incredible honor of greeting three fearless Americans who had been held in North Korea and we welcomed them back home the proper way", Trump said to cheers. NBC had not called the Republican primary shortly before 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Trump took issue with Donnelly's voting record and dinged his vote for "failed Obamacare". "Writing in, If I can't do better than it looks like I am doing so far tonight, I don't think I can make the difference".

Those hostages came out with respect. "We didn't pay for them".

Trump was seemingly referencing the failed Senate campaign of right-wing candidate Roy Moore in Alabama (while leaving out the fact he endorsed Moore).

Joe Donnelly (D) has held one of Indiana's senator spots since 2013, and Todd Young (R) has held the other since past year.

"From the beginning our message has been pretty simple - we need more outsiders and less career politicians in Washington". We're going to set the table.

"I don't know if Republicans identified Braun as another Trump or not, but it was clear they wanted something different and he was it", Ed Feigenbaum, editor of the Indiana Legislative Insight newsletter, told Newsmax.

Indiana Republicans who picked wealthy former state lawmaker Mike Braun as their Senate candidate now are hoping he's not too battered from a grueling primary to mount an effective challenge against a vulnerable Democratic incumbent.

By midday Tuesday, the trio of Republican candidates seeking the nomination for a U.S. Senate run were eager for round two, a November battle against Democrat incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly. Braun beat out two sitting congressmen in a surprise upset.

Despite Rokita, Messer and Braun's apparent efforts to win the president's favor, he hasn't endorsed anyone in Indiana.

Trump slammed Donnelly in his speech, dubbing him "Sleeping Joe" and listing off all the times he voted "no". But the number remains more than twice as high as the 9 percent of Republicans who said they were angry in President George W. Bush's second term. His rivals have asked who he voted for in the 2008 Democratic primary race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but Braun claims he voted for neither. He served as a state representative for three years in Indiana.

"I still believe in the right to bear arms but like our forefathers meant, not automatic assault weapons", Beerhorst said.

"If President Trump is willing to go out and define some of these opponents, it's extremely helpful to those campaigns", said Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign aide.

Throughout the rally, Trump generally reprised the PG-version of his greatest hits, offering a tough line on immigration and trade, touting the nation's low unemployment rate and "soaring confidence", and at one point - in mid-May - declaring with relish that Americans are now saying "Merry Christmas again".