How Hamilton got his mojo back and Vettel lost his

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Pirelli should bring a "racier" spread of tyre compounds to Formula 1 weekends according to Spanish Grand Prix victor Lewis Hamilton.

Reigning World champion, Lewis Hamilton, stormed to a handsome victory in yesterday's Spanish Grand Prix, leading from pole to dominate at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Formula One title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel found common ground on Saturday in agreeing that drivers should have a say in rule changes.

"It's the greatest feeling to come here and have that kind of performance and have a convincing win. It's my 64th but feels special and unique".

I watched with intrigue his Sky F1 post-race interview with Damon Hill and Simon Lazenby. Today was a not good day and it's important we understand why. His instinctive action was one of desperation and disbelief I suspect. Both Mercedes drivers were able to keep pace on old tires, which allowed Bottas to jump Vettel and finish in a strong 2nd place. "Going from the Strategy Group where no one supported it to a week later a couple of big teams supporting it, it was fantastic".

Hamilton admitted on his arrival in Barcelona that the ongoing uncertainty about the future of the sport was a factor in the delay. I'm very interested to see what happens in Monaco next time out as they should be in better shape in qualifying. "We shouldn't have to ask, 'Can you involve us?' We should be involved because we are the ones driving. We wanted to take care of the racing car.The ink is nearly dry, and when it is, we'll let you know", Wolff said. "It's not going to make any difference if you make it... if you make us three seconds slower or a second and a half slower, it's not going to make the racing any better and we just want to go faster, we want to improve technology, we want to push the boundaries and the limits".

Despite their lack of pace in Spain, where not only were they not able to extract the same speed from their tyres as Mercedes but were also unable to coax them to last as long as the silver cars, the Italian team have had the most versatile auto so far this season.

Restarting the field on lap four, Lewis Hamilton was out in front followed by Vettel and Bottas. The Team Redbull with Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo lined up fifth and sixth. That is all downforce. "Monaco is going be a serious challenge".

"In the end we weren't quick enough and our tyres didn't last as long as others". The safety auto was brought out to move the stricken cars.

"It is a hard one".

"Why our vehicle doesn't like to be quick around the corners in Monaco we haven't found yet".

"We know what went wrong past year".

"We will savor the result, but our thoughts are already turning to Monaco, to the struggles we had there previous year and to how we can make sure not to suffer a repeat", Wolff said.