Here’s why Kim Kardashian West was at the White House

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Reality star and mega-beauty mogul Kim Kardashian is headed to the White House Wednesday to meet with President Trump and senior advisor Jared Kushner.

Kim Kardashian is meeting with that guy from the Apprentice at the White House Wednesday in an effort to secure a pardon for 62-year-old Alice Marie Johnson. "Today is for you", Kim wrote on Twitter.

Kardashian West's attempt to convince Trump to pardon Johnson comes days after POTUS did the same for legendary boxer Jack Johnson.

"There was a reason why I was looking at my Twitter at that moment", she told Mic.

Although it's a big move for Kim, it's believed the reality TV star will leave the cameras outside for her family's E! show and face the president alone. As her page notes, Johnson's clemency request was denied by the Obama administration. She's reportedly interested in wide prison reform; she's also seeking to free Cyntoia Brown, who was sentenced to 60 years for killing a man who she says was soliciting her for sex when she was 16 and forced into prostitution.

It's hard not to be skeptical of the meeting between the two not only because of the pair's lack of knowledge on prison reform, but because of Kanye West's recent endorsement of Trump. Ms. Alice Johnson's case demonstrates just how broken our federal criminal justice system is. Kardashian West learned of Johnson's plight when the prisoner was profiled by Mic, a site dedicated nearly entirely to left-leaning initiatives.

Kardashian has spent several months reassessing her life's priorities and discovered a new passion: fighting for prison reform. He also spoke in his State of the Union speech earlier this year about the need to give former inmates better training and opportunities for a second chance at life. "It's unconscionable that she is serving a death sentence".

In response to such an initiative, President Trump tweeted, "Get a bill to my desk, and I will sign it". Trump has the power to decide whether or not to pardon Johnson, but there has been no indicated yet as to what he will do. "I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope".