Google has renamed its cloud service Drive

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"Look out for an email confirming your upgrade to Google One, where you can manage your storage plan and benefits", writes Google One VP Pavni Diwanji.

10 TB plan at $99.99/month. Everyone gets their own private storage space.

Google One also comes with two new features. Rivals including Amazon, Dropbox and Microsoft still have 1TB monthly plans in place, some people would point out. You also get special "one-tap access to experts" from Google "for help with our consumer products and services".

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Not only that, the company is also offering deals on hotel bookings and more benefits will be added over the time. The change does not affect G Suite business customers. But if you're someone who needs more, Google One provides flexibility with new and different pricing tiers.

Interestingly, Google has not only only revamped its cloud storage plans but also added a new feature to its service.

To start with, users of storage paid plans will now have access to all the space they require in Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Existing 1 Terabyte customers will be upgraded to the new 2 Terabyte plan for $9.99 per month automatically by Google, and all other users will be upgraded to Google One as well in the coming months. However, users who want to purchase the 200GB storage plan, they can now do so at a lower price of $2.99 per month.

But this isn't just about simply storing your files in the cloud, as Google has really fleshed out this product above and beyond what was offered by Google Drive in terms of support and extras.

Google has launched a new storage plan called Google One, which will replace all the paid consumer Google Drive storage plans in coming months. The company has said that it has planned to complete the rollout procedure by the end of this year.

Apart from that, there's an option for subscribers to share their storage with up to five family members.

The base 100 GB rate is unchanged from current pricing, but the two new options are an improvement in value and selection giving you both more choice and a bit more data for your money.