Galaxy Note 9 Leak Shows (Very) Minor Upgrades

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This was first rumoured back in 2017 but did not materialise.

That's likely to be the sentiment with the Galaxy Note 9 as well if this information is accurate. Samsung has also added an AR Emoji feature in the smartphone software, which could defeat the Apple's Animoji. The last Galaxy Note was 5, this newest Note would be 7.

"Samsung "messing around" in 2018, and I came to the conclusion that Note9 will not be much change, noted in the Twitter universe Ice". The tipster even shared leaked images of "Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite" from Weibo. The smartphones may contain Samsung's Super AMOLED Infinity Screen - bezel-less display screen that results in a immersive viewing experience. You can see two cellular strength indicators in the notification bar. There's 4GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable internal storage and a 3000mAh non-removable battery under the hood, as well as the usual slew of connectivity options, including Near Field Communication (NFC).

Samsung Electronics is carrying out an investigation on its operations in the United States amid the reported "sluggish sales" of its Galaxy S9 flagship phone in the country.

That could bring about faster speeds or fast HDR video recording.

A look at the trademark descriptions shows similar features to what we've seen from previous fitness tracker and smartwatches from the South Korea company.

This morning we're having a peek at the battle we'll be re-addressing in just a few weeks time - that is Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8. Like all Samsung phones, the Note 9 will use their own custom UI over the Android core.

It has become a trend for smartphone makers to launch new color variants of their flagship devices in order to boost sales once the initial hype has subsided.

Launch date: The Galaxy Note9 is expected to be launched as early as June this year, while a The Investor report suggests that it could debut in July or August. We can expect the same to happen this year as well. Ice feels that Samsung isn't working to its full potential.