Fortnite Has Already Nerfed Thanos In Infinity Gauntlet Mode, Fans Not Happy

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With the Infinity Wars gaining so much attention, Epic Game and Marvel joined heads to bring the Limited Time Mashup to bring Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet event. The first to equip the Gauntlet will transform into the mighty Thanos and wield the Gauntlet's power!

Check out the trailer below. Epic said it would monitor feedback and there was a great deal of it, with most players disappointed by the tweak, and Epic has taken the feedback on board.

Battle Royale has become a worldwide phenomenon ever since its release in 2017, with millions of users trying their hand at the "free-to-play" game across various platforms.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you assume the role of Thanos more often and perhaps even win a few more games during this special event. Epic Games nearly immediately nerfed the Mad Titan just hours after it launched, and apparently wasn't satisfied as they've now applied a few more tweaks. Have you played the latest Fortnite update?

We're glad they did though, the cross-over is a super fun addition to the game. Of course the nature of the game dictates which way this will fall.

Thanos using the reality stone to live out his wildest dreams from r/marvelstudiosIt's a dance battle, Thanos.

Just ignore that Thanos already exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of Josh Brolin and enjoy the spectacle. Each time Thanos is killed a new player can grab the gauntlet, and are thrust up into the air for another quick skydive session before plummeting down and causing havoc. Secondly, we know from promotional pictures and on-set footage that Hawkeye's set to appear in Avengers 4 in his Ronin identity, defined as more of a lone wolf than before. Just hit the buttons on the top of this page.