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Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt also makes a memorable appearance in the film, revealed as the true face behind invisible/intangible X-Force member The Vanisher just moments before the character's death in the film.

This is Ryan's second time playing the wisecracking mercenary and he asked fans not to spoil the secrets of the film, begging them in a social media post to keep quiet.

Often, when I confess my disdain for Deadpool to others, they act as if I just confessed some bad, unforgivable crime. Packing superweapons and rock-hard abs, Cable has journeyed to our present from his future to murder the young mutant (Julian Dennison) who will one day kill Cable's family. By the end of the film, Cable has given up his murderous agenda and joined forces with the good guys. One of the best parts of Deadpool 2 for Erbland? You must have read in numerous reactions on Twitter about the scene being the best PS scene ever. Of course, this means it falls into the hands of Deadpool and that leads to some timeline shenanigans.

The meta humor is what threatens Deadpool 2's longevity. So, the movie is over! Ryan Reynolds is back as Wade. Well, then kick back, because you're gonna get so much shoved down your throat you'll need a pen shoved in your backside to combat it.

After all, when "Deadpool" hit in 2016 - with action aplenty, sexually charged insult comedy galore and constant fourth-wall breaking - the loosely X-Men-universe film had the biggest opening ever for an R-rated flick.

"I have a toilet paper manifesto of my own, abut the inadequacy of toilet paper", Reese explained in production notes for the film. Specifically, he shows up at the film's climax and immediately murders the infamous Barakapool version of the character. After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, Wade struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry's hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste.

But Dion may have some competition if and when Deadpool 3 arrives because Reynolds may have a budding singer at home. The movie is amusing, the action is bigger and badder than the original, and Josh Brolin's Cable is fantastic - adding two-for-two to Brolin's comicbook performances of 2018 after playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. So here's hoping we do get to continue witnessing the expansion of this franchise.

Despite the fact that the film begins with extreme violence and misery, Deadpool insists that the sequel is "a family film", and in its own twisted way, it is, albeit a family film strewn with foul language (arguably going too far in that regard this time round), extreme violence and outrageous gross-out humour (you might want to look away for the Basic Instinct gag). Because even in the narrow prism of superhero tentpoles, Deadpool 2 refreshingly shouts, with four-letter words aplenty, that there is more to cinema than one-size-fits-all blockbuster boilerplate. The "bonkers" mid-credits scene, "one littered with references and cameos and callbacks that also, gasp, genuinely impacts (and maybe even forever changes) the entire movie that played before it".