Brooklyn Nine-Nine might not be dead yet

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This is a rough turn of events for a whole bunch of TV comedy fans, so we wanted to give you folks a place to mourn the loss of these shows.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been canned by FOX after five seasons.

As for The Mick, which will end after two seasons, the network was fully behind it. The series about the antics of a Brooklyn Police Department is now in its 5th season on Fox and is also syndicated on several other networks and streaming services including both Showmax, Hulu and Netflix where it is reportedly popular on all three.

Within hours of the show's cancellation, fans started asking streaming services such as Netflix to take it over.

Today a great cry rose up from sofas everywhere as news spread that Fox was cancelling its cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, starring Andy Samberg, after five seasons.

While some might pass off Brooklyn Nine-Nine as "just another comedy", it actually contained some golden, genuinely side-splitting moments as well as not shying away from some deeper topics.

There's no word as to whether Last Man will be shopped around to other networks, as well, but hope lives on as long as Phil Tandy Miller and company are still "alive in Tucson", or Zihuatanejo, or wherever.

The Backstreet Boys also paid their tribute by sharing a clip from the show, where Jake Peralta makes the men in the accused lineup sing "I want it that way". One of the things that may have hurt this show is that some viewers didn't appreciate it enough when it was on, storing episodes on their DVR for the future and not thinking that their viewership mattered. These last 5 years have been incredible. "It means the world to me and everyone else who works on the show", series creator Dan Goor tweeted after fans rallied in response to the cancellation news.

Not sure if the shows would find new homes like TBS or Netflix, but Fox probably wouldn't allow that anyway.