Arab FMs meet to discuss consequences of United States embassy move to Jerusalem

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Belgium's prime minister, Charles Michel, called the Israeli actions "unacceptable violence", saying "there is a clear lack of proportionality and we are asking for an worldwide investigation".

A day after 60 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army, the South African government recalled its ambassador to Israel.

Avi Benlolo, president of Canadian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, called Mr. Trudeau's statement unbalanced and said he failed to condemn Hamas for inciting violence and "attempting to enter a sovereign nation to carry out terrorism".

Israel and the United States said Hamas - which rules Gaza - instigated the violence, an allegation denied by the militant group, which opposes Israel's existence.

Every week, the Israeli military has responded to the protests near the Gaza fence with lethal and other excessive force, which has resulted to date in the killing of 86 protesters, including 12 children, two journalists, and the injury of approximately 11,000, said the press release. This was a condition the United Nations imposed on Israel when it won global recognition.

Arab FMs meet to discuss consequences of United States embassy move to Jerusalem
Arab FMs meet to discuss consequences of United States embassy move to Jerusalem

He also suggested that members of the Arab League summon USA ambassadors "to remind them of the Arab rejection" of the United States move, which was made despite near universal consensus that the final status of the city should be decided in a final peace settlement between the Palestinians and Israel.

He is particularly anxious that some Christians are celebrating the move of the United States embassy to Jerusalem as a gift from God, despite the disruptively provocative nature of this move. Protests on 15 May were marking the 70th anniversary of what Palestinians refer to as the nakba, or "catastrophe", when hundreds of thousands of people were uprooted during Israel's creation in 1948. The bullet had entered my left proximal calf on the lateral side, exited on the medial side (moderate) and pierced my right knee superficial to the patella (minor). Palestinians are excluded from some Israeli-only roads and forced to go through a number of security checkpoints, for example.

Dr Loubani wrote: "I was facing in a southerly direction talking to a colleague".

He continued: "The snipers were situated east of us". Eighteen paramedics were wounded that day, including Dr. Loubani, and one killed in what appeared to be targeted Israeli shootings.

The physician made headlines in Canada in 2013 when he and a filmmaker were arrested and held by Egyptian police in Cairo during protests in the country while the pair were on their way to Gaza. There were no protesters in our immediate vicinity.