Anti-US protests held in Iran

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S., the deal has become shaky.

Diplomats are now trying to convince the president to reconsider his stance on the agreement in order to save the deal. "Whatever happens in Syria happens under the command of the Syrians", said analyst Mohammad Marandi, who was part of Iran's negotiation team leading up to the nuclear deal.

Many Iranians, who had hoped the nuclear accord would bring a flood of investment and business to the country of 80 million, have been deeply disappointed.

It unplugged two-thirds of its centrifuges and shipped out almost all of its enriched uranium, meaning all key components for nuclear weapons were removed.

"They are going to have the entire infrastructure in place either for a breakout after the agreement expires or when they have enough sanctions relief and they want to cheat and to breakout on their own", he added. I also understand why he might want to signal officials in neighboring China that if they are not more forthcoming with money, technology and other goodies, North Korea has another suitor knocking at the door.

"The European countries should give us guarantees that in spite of the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA, the interests of the Iranian nation will still be protected", IRNA quoted Zarif as telling reporters upon arrival in Beijing. It agreed to the deal and all nuclear-related sanctions were lifted in January 2016.

After Trump's announcement, the leaders of France, Germany and Britain said in a joint statement that they remain committed to preserving the Iran deal and urged the U.S.

Because in resolution 2231, the fifth preambular paragraph where it says, we welcome Iran's reaffirming that they don't have any intention to have a nuclear weapons program, it was a lie at the time. You can understand their mistrust of those who egged President Trump on, without producing a coherent explanation as to how this would all play out.

Thousands later demonstrated across the country to protest President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal. We all share the common objective of making sure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, are anxious about their terribly destabilising and threatening military behaviour across the region and their ballistic missile program.

May raised the potential impact of United States sanctions on those firms which are now conducting business in Iran.

Joining Trump in denouncing an accord which limited Tehran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief was essential for Riyadh, Abidi said.

He added that in this case "then the United States pullout will be OK".

Zarif will hold high-pressure talks with the other parties to the deal, first in Beijing and Moscow, and then with his counterparts from Britain, France and Germany in Brussels on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has branded the sanctions "unacceptable".

The deal is set to expire at the end of 2018, but the Bank of America analysts said that OPEC and Russian Federation are likely to continue working together to prevent prices from falling. John McCain, Bolton gave effusive tribute to the Arizona Republican - but refused to say if the White House should apologize.