Android P will stop apps snooping on users

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This is basically built into the OS and it helps in predicting actions one might want to take at different times during the day or depending on different contextual signals. The update allows you to park your auto, open Google Maps, and tap on the blue location dot. On top of those two, Google then announced another six voices at yesterday's I/O keynote. It will be a mix of the most important headlines, local news, and the latest developments on the topics you are interested in. But he did say the company "can't just be wide eyed about the innovations technology creates".

Google is also resorting to a new gesture-base navigation system that will make one-hand usage more convenient.

We have heard a lot about this new feature which is finally coming to your phone. It will nudge children to use polite language when interacting with the Google Assistant's "Pretty Please feature".

In Android P, Google is doing exactly that. Similarly, the concept of multiple actions, which allowed the Google assistant to do various activities simultaneously, was introduced. That's cool. Isn't it?

Android P also includes a range of digital wellbeing tools, including a Dashboard to monitor how a user is spending time on their device and tweak habits as needed, while Do Not Disturb mode silences all calls and notifications - it can even be enabled automatically by turning a phone face down.

Android P will learn your schedule to ensure apps like Instagram aren't running in the background in the afternoon while you're at work, for example. According to the Google blog post, the new feature is only trained in streamlined conversation topics and can't carry out spontaneous and general conversation.

The company also brought Assistant-powered Smart Displays. However, there's no word on how exactly will Google Assistant work with these services.

"Well", Legend replied online, "the Google Assistant doesn't do everything". The assistant would break down the request and try to understand exactly what the user wants, and would be able to perform the tasks.

Further, the Assistant would soon be able make calls for you to make reservations at restaurants or salons. You'll see tiny dots appearing on certain items as Google Lens tries to figure out what it is, and it will even place a colored dot on things it thinks it has identified.

"Continued Conversations" will allow users to converse with Assistant more fluently, negating the need for "Hey Google" to be uttered before every single command. The search engine company has started rolling out the update, and it should be available to everyone in 127 countries on iOS, Android, and desktop the following week.

Along with follow up questions, you can now ask the Assistant to do more than one action simultaneously.