Adult Swim Renews Rick and Morty for 70 More Episodes

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But fans can now rejoice because Adult Swim has ordered a staggering 70 new episodes, co-creator Justin Roiland (and the voice of both title characters) announced Thursday on Twitter.

The show's long anticipated third season ended in October, when Roiland and fellow co-creator Dan Harmon admitted that negotiations were "complicated", even if they were ongoing. That is more episodes than Rick and Morty's first three seasons combined (31 episodes). Furthermore, the gap widened further between the end of season two and the beginning of season three to 18 months. Rick and Morty is the de facto flagship of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's youth-skewing cable sibling.

And you thought that they were joking in the Rick and Morty Forever, 100 Years scene and the 97 years to hunt down some of that McDonald's Szechuan sauce series arc scene.

The Polygon report did not mention when exactly the new seasons would be released.

Still, at least we know it's happening at ~some point~. We've been waiting for news on whether Rick and Morty has been renewed yet, after rumors that the show might have been canceled. The show has been renewed by for, get this, another 70 episodes! The illustration states that 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty are on the way.

Furthermore, Adult Swim recently put the Rickmobile back on the road, announcing a new tour that will see the show-themed tour bus bring Rick and Morty merch to cities across the US.

Does that mean you're going to be focusing exclusively on Rick and Morty from now on and not taking on any other projects?

Do we smell an opportunity for the most epic cameo ever?! We're getting serious "M".