Your emails might 'self-destruct' soon — Attention Gmail users

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Google brings an AI supported search tool that will scan thousands of books for the exact search term in Google books and present a list of reference books with reference paragraphs in bold to provide you a unique response to your query.

"Crucial parts of the design, functionality and features of Google Go are inspired by what we learned talking to people in Africa for over a year, since 70% of people who connect in Africa do so via a mobile device". Google has released a module on TensorFlow other researchers and developers can use, so the tech giant's work could lead to more AI-powered applications that can understand how we wield words better than their older counterparts can.

A leaked e-mail about the update promises a "fresh, clean look" for Gmail with some new features, including a predictive "smart reply" feature for Gmail's web version. While doing so, Facebook is powering the connections but not providing the internet. It's not like your whole inbox will go up in flames. Also, on the recipient end, Gmail will show the content of confidential emails as a link which will verify a user's identity before showing the email content. The Confidential Mode further prohibits the emails to be copied, printed or forwarded.

When exactly will emails self-destruct?

A second request for Google search results to be expunged for another man was refused because the man had not shown remorse for his crime of conspiracy to account falsely and had misled the court and the public concerning the case, The Telegraph reported.

We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase). This experiment will lets you speak with a machine-learning algorithm.

So, no flames. No need to panic. Semantic Experiences currently has two different interactive options, one called Talk to Books, the other called Semantris.

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