Yellow Old Woman gets 8 years for beating wife to death

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Two other accomplices were convicted of similar charges, and were sentenced to three years and four years in prison.

N'na Fanta Camara addressing after her arrest.

Police advised the woman to take the envelope to the post office and tell a worker there that she did not want to accept in the future mail from the sender.

Serena Kataoka, the director of White Water Gallery says based on a 2011 study, less than 10 per cent of Wikipedia articles are edited by women.

Johnson said her ex eventually apologized for sending the texts, when he saw her tweet.

The man recorded the sex act on his phone, and when it was done, he didn't pay her the money as promised, investigators said.

The female victim of King's attack says there was both alcohol and cocaine being consumed at the party.

Hospital staff took the unprecedented decision to marry a man and woman just an hour before the birth of their baby.

Though initially reluctant, she agreed to meet the man at a gas station. The two drove to a park and had consensual sex.

Police said Moore was killed early Sunday. At the time of her call to police, the woman was arguing with her former boyfriend, 24, of Cleveland, at his place of work. "They were taken in custody by state troopers and the Davenport, Iowa Police Department", said Lt. Todd Ojile, Wichita Police Department. Leach couldn't breath because her airways were so badly swollen, the doctor said, adding that Leach could have died if Emma didn't act so quickly. "But we nabbed Guruswami before he could flee", Patrudkar said. She said Kileleman threatened he would find her friend and beat him up too.

In her interview with the police last Friday, she alleged that she was drinking with a friend at a hotel in Garapan last Wednesday night.

In the deputies' vehicle, Mills reportedly said, "you have to take me back and let me get my heads". A Clayton woman ended up adopting the baby boy from a woman she met on a plane.

The Davenport Police Department confirmed to Local 4 News that he was located and arrested Tuesday morning in at the Quad City Inn in Davenport.