Up to 1500 businesses have missed deadline on gender pay gap reporting

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The median gap at Ipswich Town is less than half the 20% reported by East Anglian rivals Norwich City, where mean average pay for women is 76% lower than that for men.

About 1,500 failed to meet the deadline, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the watchdog that will take action if companies don't comply within a month.

HSBC, Virgin Atlantic and a unit of Barclays were among the largest companies with the biggest gender pay gap - at 59, 58 and 49 percent respectively - according to a Reuters analysis of the published data using the mean as the measure. The popularity of men's football teams means lucrative deals with sponsors, advertisers, and broadcasters, the proceeds of which eventually go back to the players themselves.

At the other end of the scale, Booker Retail Partners (Gb) Limited pay women 13.6 per cent more than men.

Thus, if we are to close the gender pay gap, the best place to start may be with the top-paid positions in British companies.

More than four-fifths (84%) of employees in the highest pay quartile at Karen Millen are female, compared to 95% in the second quartile, 97% in the third quartile and 98% in the lowest pay quartile.

Men at the hospital also receive higher bonuses than women, who get on average 22.1pc less.

The UK government recently launched the Gender Pay Gap database, forcing the largest companies to reveal the pay differences between male and female members of staff.

A recent report released by the UK Government relating to the gender pay gap has thrown some light on more prominent sections of the country's video game industry.

"Businesses should see reporting gender pay gap data as just the first step on the road to creating fairer and more equal workplaces across the United Kingdom", she said.

The three states with the greatest gender pay gaps are: Louisiana, where women earn 7.4% less than male colleagues; Alabama, where females make 7.1% less than male colleagues; and West Virginia, where women make 6.5% less.

"Forty per cent of our leaders under 30 are women, reflecting a 12-point increase over the last two years".

The media group said none of its UK companies - Vice UK, Level Print (i-D), Pulse, Vice UK TV and Starworks - had 250 employees as of the snapshot date of 5 April previous year.

HSBC said it was confident in its approach to pay and made appropriate adjustments if it identified differences between men and women in similar roles which could not be explained by performance or experience. The data shows women are underrepresented in top-paid jobs, when compared to the business as a whole, in 82% of companies.

Ireland's Ryanair had one of the biggest gaps, with women paid 71.8 percent less then men on average.