UN Security Council rejects Russian Federation draft resolution slamming strike on Syria

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United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley was especially blunt in her assessment of the Syrian regime during meetings with Trump, the person said.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the country's objectives had been met and that no new strikes were planned at this point but promised to retaliate if the red line on chemical weapons was once again crossed.

America and its allies insist they're not calling for regime change but say Syrian president Bashar al Assad will be held accountable if he continues gassing his people.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation also expressed "full support" for the strikes. The attacks had continued, culminating in Saturday's attack in Douma. "You have nothing but disdain for the U.N. Charter and the Security Council which you are unjustifiably trying to use for your illicit aims".

The Pentagon said U.S., French and British forces unleashed about 120 missiles against a scientific center near Damascus that was used for research, development and production of chemical and biological agents; a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs; and a separate chemical agent storage site and command post near Homs. "Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms the use of chemical weapons in last week's attack in eastern Ghouta, Syria", he said in a statement.

Trump announced Friday night that the three allies had launched military strikes to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad for the alleged chemical weapons use and to prevent him from doing it again.

The OPCW is set to launch its probe on the ground in Syria later on Saturday. "There has been a 2,000 percent increase in Russian trolls in the last 24 hours", chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in a briefing on Saturday. He criticized the United States and its allies for launching the strikes without waiting for inspectors from the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog to visit the area.

Later, Trump tweeted: "Mission Accomplished". "We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will".

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called the strikes a "one-time shot" with no additional military action planned for now.

That sends a clear message, according the Syrian representative to the United Nations, that there is no interest in a "transparent investigation".

Mrs May said "it was right we acted the way that we did" for operational security reasons to help protect the military.

Russian Federation countered that the US-led action was aimed at overthrowing Assad and keeping Moscow's influence in check.

The attack "was a victory for Syria", former lawmaker Sharif Shehadeh said by phone from Damascus.

Before the USA confirmed on Saturday that none of its missiles were compromised and none of the aircraft interfered with, Russian officials made the claim that only 30 landed on their targets.

"My government will, of course, provide every support to this delegation for it to carry out its mission successfully", Jaafari said. No American pilots were killed, according to the Pentagon; the number of Syrian and other casualties is not yet known.

Those air defenses, Syrian state media claimed, intercepted dozens of missiles, including 13 targeting the town of Kisweh, 10 miles south of Damascus, and another barrage near the central city of Homs.

"I will take no lessons in global law from Russian Federation", U.K. ambassador Karen Pierce said in her remarks.

After the US attack, Syria state TV appeared to show a country back at work - broadcasting footage of Assad returning to his office in a suit, briefcase in hand.

The targets of that strike included Syrian aircraft, aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage facilities, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems and radar.

Despite the airstrikes, White maintains that the USA has no interest in engaging with the Syrian civil war and that the main objective of US forces in Syria remains to "defeat ISIS".

"The most effective way for the Assad government to respond is by targeting U.S. partner forces, especially the Syrian Democratic Forces", Heras said. "Therefore, we will keep you all abreast of the facts moving forward".

"Very soon, very soon, we're coming out", Trump said to a crowd in Richfield, Ohio, on March 30.