Trump Warns Russia To Get Ready for The Syria Strike

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Trump has repeatedly assailed Mueller's probe as "corrupt" and "fake", while suggesting that it is responsible for "much of the bad blood with Russia".

Peskov wouldn't say if Moscow could use a Russia-U.S. military hotline to avoid casualties in a case of a U.S. blow, saying only that "the hotline exists and has remained active".

"Russia vows to shoot down any and all missile fired at Syria".

Trump's tweet follows a threat he issued on Wednesday for Russia to "get ready" because the US would soon strike Syria, regardless of Russian claims that such a strike would be met with a Russian counter-attack.

Russian lawmakers have warned the United States that Moscow would view an airstrike on Syria as a war crime, saying it could trigger a direct military clash between the two former Cold War adversaries.

On Thursday, Trump also pushed back against a New York Times report that he "sought to fire" special counsel Robert S. Mueller, who is leading the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Al-Shami told the Middle East Eye, "Most of the time Israel has been involved [in Syria] it has been to do with their security priorities", she said.

Syria's civil war has been raging for seven years, as the Assad regime, which is backed by the Russian military, have sought to quell rebel forces. However, there was no official announcement from Syria on the matter and there was also no indication of Syrian government forces entering the city Thursday.

The attack took place in eastern Ghouta, one of the last remaining strongholds of anti-government rebels in the country.

"There must be a debate and vote in the House of Commons ahead of any military action". The "reckless escalation" by the no surprise from a country "that has sponsored and is still sponsoring terrorism in Syria", the ministry said.

"We have proof that last week. chemical weapons were used, at least chlorine was, and they were used by the Assad regime", he said.

Sources had indicated earlier in the day that the council would meet Thursday afternoon to make decisions regarding Syria.

The World Health Organisation on Wednesday demanded "immediate" access to the victims of the alleged chemical attack. While part of a regularly scheduled deployment, the Truman will deploy to the Mediterranean with a complement of strike and reconnaissance aircraft and surface warships sailing alongside.

He said that Russia has "the necessary means for that and the Americans and their allies know that quite well". "Let them go through with it or shut up", said a participant in an online poll asking if Syrians were afraid of a U.S. attack. That's likely a reference to US smart bombs that, typically, can evade missile-defense systems and then precisely hit a target. The president previously struck Assad for using Sarin gas against civilians in April 2017 and is publicly incensed at the regime's repeated action.

Syria, Iran and Russia say Israel was behind an air strike on a Syrian air base on Monday that killed seven Iranian military personnel, something Israel has neither confirmed nor denied. The US bombs would be "nice and new and 'smart'", he added.