The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Crossover Timeline, Explained

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What we didn't know is that three of his TWD costars would be joining him - even if it was for only for a scene apiece. We see Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl meeting about how they disagree with Rick's decision, and plan on building up Hilltop's strength so they can, it sounds like, take Negan from Rick by force. It looks like a ideal place to begin the next leg of the journey, not just for Morgan and his new friends but for the rest of the Walking Dead Universe. Morgan went and visited Jadis as well, offering her an opportunity to return to the community if she so chose.

Of course, this was Negan's "f*** you" to all of them. Make it thrive for the people who live here.

"This is a conclusion ... in some ways of issues and stories that have spanned eight seasons", showrunner Scott M. Gimple told USA TODAY, declining to even hint at who will die in the carnage that is sure to rain in the episode.

The Walking Dead season 8 finale set off to do the seemingly impossible - wrap up the long war of the Saviors against Rick and his allies. Like Glenn's fake death in season 6, the whole thing turned out to be one giant rug pull, as the scene was nothing more than a pipe dream for Carl and Rick, the former of whom is now dead, despite showing up in the vision itself, thus confirming its fabricated nature. They had a little shuffle and Negan got the upper hand for a while, just long enough to blame Rick again for Carl's death. "Come back with me". This is the one thing we didn't see coming. You're part of the world.

"I lose people, and then I lose myself", he'll reveal later in the episode. "But in the end, the people around him affected him too deeply". Do you think she is hiding some secrets? Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the tiresome end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them.

So how did this epic crossover extravaganza happen?

The Walking Dead season 8, episode 16, "Wrath", brought the end of the war against the Saviors - here's what went down!

What did you think of "The Walking Dead" season 8 finale? "So it was unbelievably easy". As it turns out, the bullets Eugene made for The Saviors were booby-trapped, and when The Saviors surrounded Rick's group and fired their weapons, every gun backfired, injuring and in some cases killing the ones pulling the trigger. Numerous fan favorites survive but, to coin a favorite horror movie phrase, "Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?" This leaner approach allows the series to feel nimble and unpredictable where The Walking Dead can be bloated and lumbering-especially in recent seasons.

Morgan decides the best medicine is to leave all responsibilities behind and run, and like Forrest Gump and he takes to the road. "It was a bear, time-wise, that episode", says Gimple.

Rick tells the rest of the Saviors that they can put their hands down.

First, Jesus (Tom Payne) appears, reminding Morgan that he fights to protect people because he cares about people and Morgan "should be with them", essentially asking him to come to the Hilltop.

"The Walking Dead" universe chief content officer Scott M. Gimple said that they're now not planning for a full-on crossover between "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead".

Herein lies the problem with a significant time jump: viewers will not be able to justify Alicia, Nick, and Luciana's behavior as seen in the Season 4 premiere episode of Fear the Walking Dead unless it is clearly defined in further episodes, something that Alycia Debnam-Carey has alluded to in her interview with Digital Spy.