The last day of Mark Zuckerberg's testimony begins at 10AM

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Zuckerberg's prepared remarks for the House hearing are identical to those that he gave to the Senate committee ahead of Tuesday's testimony.

CEO and co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress yesterday and answered questions about the latest data breach issue that involved Cambridge Analytica.

Seemingly unimpressed, Republican Sen. "How is today's apology different?" Over and over, his company has fumbled privacy concerns and mishandled user data.

But it's a loss for the rest of us.

Investors were impressed with his performance. He also said that the firm will be increasing resources to investigate apps and take appropriate actions. "For Google's parent company, Alphabet, the total was nearly $8 million".

Last night, Mark Zuckerberg, the C.E.O. of Facebook, finished the first round of his two-day congressional-hearing extravaganza.

At times, he showed plenty of steel.

Facebook faces a backlash from some consumer groups. Zuckerberg's tone was contrite, of course.

No need. "That was pretty good", he said of the exchange with Cruz.

For the most part, his careful but generally straightforward answers, steeped in the sometimes arcane details of Facebook's underlying functions, often deflected aggressive questioning.

Even when prodded, Zuckerberg was careful not to promise a response, addressing questions he was unsure of with some variation of "If you'd like, I can have my team follow up with you after this".

Cambridge Analytica insists it deleted the harvested data as soon as it was informed it breached Facebook's terms of use.

If that sounds less like a business and more like a ruler, well, you're not the only one who's noticed. A number of the Russian ads were on Facebook.

The Gallup poll was conducted from April 2-8, 2018, among 1,509 adults living in the U.S. The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Zuckerberg's denial that he knew whether or not Palantir had scraped data from Facebook rang hollow. "I will do everything I can to make Facebook a place where everyone can stay closer with the people they care about, and to make sure it's a positive force in the world". "Privacy doesn't drive profits, and it may interfere with profits".

Zuck rejects the premise that privacy and profit aren't necessarily opposed. We've got to change that. The company's former motto, "Move fast and break things", Zuckerberg noted in the hearing, has now become "Move fast with stable infrastructure". They posted their biggest daily gain in nearly two years on Tuesday as Zuckerberg managed to deter any specific discussion about new regulations that might hamper Facebook's ability to sell ads tailored to users' profiles. Now you can just say "Alexa, how is traffic?" or "Alexa, what's my commute?" and Amazon will tell you what to expect from your drive. Graham spoke with a lawyer's knowing tone, and Zuckerberg, seeming to understand the game being played, replied casually, "Yes, Senator, I do".

He outlined steps the company has taken to restrict outsiders' access to people's personal information.