Telegram isn't complying with Russian Federation so the country is blocking them out

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There is not any immediate comment from Pavel Durov, the Telegram founder, that a Russian who fled the country at 2014 immediately after losing control of this Russian social network Vkontakte, which he'd also established.

The Virgin Islands-registered company has over 9.5 million users in Russian Federation, according to researcher Mediascope.

The court filing by Roskomnadzor says Telegram had failed to abide by the rules and regulations as a "distributor of information". "The Russian authorities should refrain from shutting Telegram down and allow the appeal process to proceed unobstructed".

Telegram was still available late Friday afternoon in Russian Federation, several hours after the court ruling.

In September previous year, the FSB security service demanded encryption keys, Mr Durov said, prompting a formal complaint when the request was rejected. Roskomnadzor informed the messenger on the necessity to fulfill the demands of the Russian legislation in 15 days. After Mr Durov publicly declined to provide encryption keys to authorities, the watchdog turned to the court to authorise it to block access to the messenger. "But unfortunately, this consensus was not reached".

Durov said that Telegram users in Russian Federation may be able to circumvent the ban using some of the app's built-in systems, but he added that users may need to use a virtual private network to access Telegram in the country.

Telegram is one of the fastest growing social messaging platforms in the world and it recently surpassed 200 million monthly active users.

Dinze pointed out that Telegram's lawyers had tried to obtain the necessary documents so that the court hearing could be delayed and "we could resolve the issue". The St Petersberg suicide bomber allegedly used the service to communicate with his accomplices.

While Telegram seems to have agreed to comply with the part of the data law that required it to list its services in the regulator's register, it insisted that it would not share its confidential user data with local authorities. It's not just that because it's also due to how much Telegram values security and privacy that its founder, Pavel Durov, would not budge on the matter at all, despite being pushed hard by the agency.