Syria's Assad in a 'good mood,' scorns USA weaponry after airstrikes

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Friday's strikes were the biggest intervention so far by Western countries against Assad and his powerful ally Russian Federation.

Trump tweeting out "Mission Accomplished" won't make one missile miss or knock one USA ship off course. "Mission accomplished!" he added.

Vice President Mike Pence also said Trump carried out the strikes armed with US intelligence that at "a minimum it was the chemical weapon of chlorine", noting investigators still might prove sarin was used.

McKenzie says Syrian air defenses did not successfully engage any of the aircraft or missiles involved in the operation, and there was no indication that Russian air-defense systems were used.

"Because it's like, 'Oh no, you can't use chemical weapons but you can use violence, you can starve them, you can use missiles and air strikes against them, ' but chemical weapons are a no?"

"It should stop all the denial and the pretense that it wasn't an action by the Syrian government and ensure that the chemical weapons are destroyed, that the ability of the regime to use chemical weapons is eliminated and that this type of criminal conduct does not occur again". She described it as a "limited and targeted strike" aimed at minimizing civilian casualties.

"The American movies have shown since the 1990s that Russian-made weapons are 'backward.' However, today we can see who is really lagging behind", Assad said, according to Sablin.

"A large body of information indicates that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in Douma on April 7th", Haley said.

"The time for talk ended last night", Haley told the UN Security Council.

Behind closed doors, Trump pushed for a more aggressive response than the one taken a year ago, wanting options that would involve attacks on targets in Syria associated with Russian Federation and Iran, officials said.

Bolivian President Evo Morales, however, accused the United States of being what he called "a main threat to democracy, peace and the environment in the world".

The United States, France and Britain acted morally and responsibly by striking Bashar Assad's chemical weapons program in Syria.

What's unclear is where that red line now stands.

In a telephone conversation with his Syrian counterpart Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, the Iranian defense minister said the criminal act by Washington, Paris and London was a breach of global law and human principles. But state TV focused on criticizing the West for acting on the basis of what Moscow called a faked chemical attack. China too opposed the strikes.

The air strikes were in response to the suspected chemical attack that left dozens dead last weekend in Douma.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged restraint and asked states to avoid any escalation.

A report by France concludes the Assad regime was clearly behind the April 7 chemical attack on civilians in the Douma suburb of Damascus, the first detailed governmental assessment laying out the justification for the US -led allied strikes on Syria. Macron's advisers said at a briefing on Saturday the strikes took place in a legal framework. Both facilities are located near Homs, north of Damascus. For around 45 minutes, explosions echoed and the sound of warplanes roared over the city, as flashes flared in the distance.

As the missiles rained down, one administration official explained that, over the course of this week, the president had tweeted his intention to the American people.

The US president claimed that the joint action was meant to establish a "strong deterrent" against the production, spread, and use of chemical weapons.