Substitute teacher ran 'fight club' in CT school, polic

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Like its predecessor and partial inspiration, the nine-day teachers' strike in West Virginia, a nine-day teachers' walkout in Oklahoma is ending with some tangible results: a pay increase of roughly $6,000 (with a smaller pay hike for support staff), and some new revenues meant to make higher school funding possible in the immediate future.

"Without remedying teacher pay and benefits", Hansen concluded, "the quality of the teacher workforce and the pipeline leading to it will continue to suffer in not just those states that are striking but in all states where teacher and educational conditions are weak".

"Parents need to be involved, and sometimes they don't have that outlet".

"We just want to make sure that the students are safe and we've done that", Samaras added of the work being done at the school.

"Fish was a substitute teacher in our district beginning in March 2017".

Priest said Oklahoma teachers had secured a victory even though the most significant gains were achieved before the walkout began April 2.

Meanwhile, national attention on what has clearly become a national wave of unrest among teachers and education advocates will now focus on Kentucky and Arizona. They sent us an email last Friday and they sent us a letter today. Gov. Doug Ducey's proposal to raise teacher pay by 20 percent by 2020 has local educators cautiously optimistic, but it's still just a proposal.

The legislation also raised other education funding - money for textbooks and the state-aid formula, and for flex health care benefits - over the next fiscal year by more than $70 million.

Teachers for Lawton Public Schools said they have mixed feelings about the district's decision to return to classes after a two-week, statewide teacher walkout.

One question raised by analysts is whether the shift to tablet-based testing instead of paper and pencil hurt scores, particularly in states with lots of low-income students and those who give their own state tests on paper.

"The lesson (Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!) may learn instead is to stop messing with teachers", he said.

"Teachers would be furious", Dorman said.

"This is a tool to have in the event we have nothing else", said Cacchione.

Outside court Thursday, Fish from Bozrah, maintained that he didn't facilitate the fights and said he didn't know they were about to happen before they started. The GOP-controlled Legislature is expected to decide Friday whether they will accept or reject the vetoes and the votes are expected to be close.

OEA President Alicia Priest said Thursday that the walkout helped the union achieve nearly all of its goals for fiscal year 2019 - the first year of a three-year campaign aimed at convincing lawmakers to increase spending on education.

The substitute twisted her wrist, Kailyn said, and slapped her.

'I really did and I thought that that would help me get to them.

Teachers went ahead with the walkout, saying more school funding was needed. This is a long road to recovery, and Oklahomans have actively engaged to heal our system. "It's not an issue for this year, but we are looking at possibilities for future years".

Brennan said it was always a hard choice "We'd love to be in the classroom" but teachers knew the walkout was a battle worth fighting.

While state House and Senate members were mostly gone, some teachers sat at tables to write letters to slide under lawmaker doors and notes to post on them. "Complacency simply can not be allowed any longer". I spoke with Shawn Hime, executive director of the Oklahoma State Schools Boards Association and former chief financial officer at the State Department of Education, and Matt Holder who is the current chief financial officer at the State Department of Education.

Cook said the walkout was successful because of the support offered by colleagues and by district administrators. "Without the walkout, this wouldn't have occurred". Bartlesville, Sand Springs and McAlester Public Schools announce classes to resume April 12. OEA calls for end of walkout.

"This is not over", she said.